I create websites and web apps, working predominantly with HTML5, CSS3 (SCSS), JavaScript (React, jQuery), and WordPress.

As a lifelong language learner, I'm drawn to web development as it lies at the intersection of language and calculation, creativity and precision.

Coming from an ESL teaching background, I spent years working together with people of all ages and backgrounds to make everyday experiences a little more manageable, and as a developer I continue tackling these same challenges. My interest lies in deploying the flexibility and abundance of the web platform to make clean, responsive sites and UIs that help everyone get where they want to go. I've found the web to be a very welcoming place, and I want to keep it that way.

I grew up in Vancouver and spent most of my time in the city. I enjoy reading, learning languages, and calisthenics. For more about me, let's meet up and chat!

Ilya Meerovich